There’s been many a time when I’ve been pleased to see that I could still get tickets for a popular piece of theatre, and been disappointed after hovering over the selected seats only to see that they were, in fact, restricted view. Personally, I’ve never purchased restricted view tickets, simply because I am of the view that if I’m going to go, I want to be able to enjoy it and have a relatively decent view of the stage. And apart from anything else, there is something that I really don’t agree with regarding paying to see theatre that you can’t properly see.

Some theatres have received reviews that have even said theatre-goers had to lean forward to see – now for me, that’s less restricted view and more obstructed view and the seats shouldn’t even be there in the first place. I suppose some would argue that it’s only like buying a reduced anything else from the shop, but my argument would be that when you buy reduced food for example, you eat it that day. The product is still alright if you eat it straight away – reduced prices for restricted view doesn’t mean you’re just further away, it often means physically sitting forward in your seat or craning you neck round a pole. Surely that should be reason enough for the big bosses to take out a seat and stop being so greedy?

What do you think? Do you think it’s fair to charge for seats with a restricted view, or am I just being over touchy?

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