Until I started my creative writing module in Spring term, my last experience of reading published short stories was probably those GCSE English anthologies that everyone hated so much (some less literary characters burnt them after exams at my school, no joke, this hatred ran deep). I had, of course, read short stories on people’s blogs and such like, (and I do thoroughly enjoy reading snapshots of undiscovered talent) but managed to almost entirely avoid bumping into authors’ I recognised works.

Now, after having the opportunity to discover the genre, I actually think that’s a great shame. I think there is something quite special about the form of the short story and something that makes it fit incredibly well into modern culture. We so have less and less time, and with that comes a desire to consume things quicker and in more manageable chunks. Who said that shouldn’t include literature?

In a previous post I spoke about my love for Chuck Palahniuk, and my experience reading his short story, Zombie. Now his novels aren’t tomes to start with, but I did thoroughly enjoy a bite sized chunk of him in that short story. A lot of authors I admire have written them, and after discovering them, I feel like they deserve my attention in their own right so I’ll be definitely seeking them out in the future.

Do you read short stories? Who are your favourite authors?


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