Now I’ve been trying hard amongst celebrations including grad ball to stay focused as I come up to my 21st birthday in a couple of weeks, so fingers crossed for a good loss!


When it’s warm and I’m home, my Mum loves to do a big fruit platter. It’s much nicer presented than my pale legs and little plate so I’m not sure why I didn’t take a picture of the elegant long platter instead. You live and learn.



You know you’re getting old when you’re genuinely excited by the prospect of a new kitchen gadget. So I finally invested (if you can call £2.80 off eBay an investment) in a spiraliser or zoodle (zero noodle) maker. You just shove your veg in the end and out come noodle shaped shavings – I had a right roll going on, like when you satisfyingly sharpen your pencil in one bit. Do I need to get out more?


I teamed my courgette ‘zoodles’ with a pork loin Stirfry with chow mein sauce, as well as some rice. Delish – I will cook them for longer in future as they weren’t quite soft enough for me.


I’ll be honest, I’ve had a hard week as people are starting to leave uni for good and that involves a lot of eating and drinking to celebrate! So this slice of soreen and fruit was a low 3pp breakfast when I knew I was hitting Las Iguanas at night. I’ve decided I’ll regret it if I don’t celebrate while I have the chance, so while I’m
still trying to make sensible choices 80% of the time, I’m still allowing myself to enjoy myself.


Finally, just a little dessert that felt lots naughtier than it actually was – baked peaches with cinnamon, and a squirt of low cal cream. Yum.



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