This weekend was a very exciting one for me, being my 21st birthday on Sunday 22nd, and my birthday party on Saturday 21st. It also explains this week’s lack of a healthy food post. But as it was such a milestone, and also to celebrate getting a 2:1 in my degree, I wanted to let my hair down a bit. Here are a few pics from the weekend which may or may not make up for my lack of healthy food blog! (Apologies, I’m not sure why some are small and some are big!)

21st Birthday 002 21st Birthday 008 21st Birthday 013 21st Birthday 018 21st Birthday 020 21st Birthday 022












I was so lucky to be able to share it with my favourite people and it was such an amazing weekend because of that! I also got some incredible presents, including some jewellery I’ll wear for years to come, and was generally spoilt rotten! Thanks to all that helped to make my birthday so special 🙂


4 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. Happy 21st for last week Zoe! You are so much more together than I was at that age!! I only just began my lit degree at age 21. Looks like you had loads of fun and got some very cool goodies 🙂 X

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