Every now and again I get the urge that I just MUST cook something, and the other day it was quiche. But I’m always a little disappointed when I go into a shop and see that the quiches, what I thought might be a healthy option, were actually very high in calories. This recipe was kindly given to me by my dear French friend and penpal Doriane, who used to cook this for her mum after work as a summery dish. I adapted this very slightly for weight watchers by using skimmed milk and 30% reduced fat cheese.

Serves 3 (sizeable portions!) 12pp on Weight watchers

3 large eggs
100g self raising flour
1/2 litre skimmed milk
2 sausages, cooked and chopped (or if following weight watchers closely, 6pp of sausage)
100g 30% reduced fat cheese
Olive oil cooking spray

I had never made this before and was so surprised at how much it rose and just how massive it ended up! I used a flan dish in the end (after pouring the mixture into a cake tin and it nearly overflowing) and just sprayed it with olive oil cooking spray. The best bit about this recipe? You literally whack everything in together, whisk, and then pour into the flan dish.








Actually, I lied. The best part was enjoying it in the garden!


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