My Uncle, Andrew, was lucky enough to go to Japan for 3 weeks recently. He’s been wanting to go for years, so it was lovely for him to make it, and I was lucky enough to get this bag of goodies when he got back. Knowing I love stationery (and piglet, as you’ll see), here’s what he bought me. The cuteness is almost too much to handle.


Firstly, something that isn’t stationery – these mini kit kats, in red bean and strawberry flavour. Now they don’t make them like that in England do they! Excited to try these.


Love these pens. I’ve always loved Piglet as long as I can remember, and depending which ear you pull down, you get a different coloured pen. Apparently the frog pen also was from a street with shops dedicated to frogs, how weird!


I’ve said it before but I’m a sucker for pretty post its! These pandas are so cute!


I can’t get over the fact these are erasers, crazy. Needless to say they won’t be rubbing out much!


I love washi tape and Andy hunted for one that was more unusual than the straight tapes which are available here. I love that this is wavy, I really have never seen anything like it.


How amazing are these. Love the patterned paper and tinnnnnny piggie!


Finally these piglet socks. Can we all just look at those adorable ears. Enough said!

Such lovely presents!


10 thoughts on “Japanese Stationery Prezzies

  1. I have to admit pressies like this from Japan have got to the best ever! I get stupidly excited by exotic variations on foodstuffs we take for granted too like those mini kitkats!

    • I know it is so exciting though! Love walking round foreign supermarkets and just seeing what unusual bits they have. I must admit though, haven’t tried the strawberry ones yet but the red bean one was quite odd. I’ve had bean icecream before which was lovely, but think milk chocolate is the way to stay with KitKats!

  2. That has to be one of life’s little pleasures – checking out foreign supermarkets on holiday – its like going into Aladdin’s cave! Hmm I must admit red bean KitKats do sound a bit odd actually…

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