Postsecret has been part of my Sunday routine for a very long time now – since I was a young teenager, I have logged on every Sunday to catch a glimpse of this week’s postcards. Now for those who don’t know about Postsecret, it is an ongoing community art project set up by Frank Warren, which encourages people to send in a secret or confession on the back of a postcard. It’s also the world’s largest advertisement free blog, and as it turns out, people are pretty keen to share their secrets (and also features on The All American Rejects’ music video for ‘Dirty Little Secret’). The results are quite beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, but always interesting.

I’ve also collected a really rather lovely collection of Postsecret books which collate some of the secrets seen on the blog, along with some others. They are such fantastic conversation starters, the kinds of books that people see across the room and ask ‘what’s that, it looks interesting’ due to the colourful covers. I still love to dib in on those nights where I’m too tired to delve into a novel, but need something to help me wind down.

What I really love though, are the stories of how Postsecret has touched people’s lives in a very real way. People have been connected, some people even say they owe their lives to the support that the community has provided them with, and if that isn’t something to celebrate, then I don’t know what is.





One thought on “Postsecret – The Art of Sharing Secrets with Strangers

  1. I’ve just recently visited their site after a very long time. It made me do my own list of secrets (well, not anymore) and I posted them on my blog. I felt both vulnerable and liberated at the same time.

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