After a week (or so 😉 ) off the band wagon, this week I hit it hard. I always try to cook new recipes when I’ve been off it for a while and find that helps me no end to get back on the straight and narrow. That and I got a gorgeous hamper off my boyfriend along with 2 new recipe books I’ve wanted for ages!


This crustless quiche was delicious – in fact so delicious I’ve dedicated a whole blog post to it. I added sausage as we had some leftovers in the fridge.


Now these chorizo and lean pork meatballs were something special. Out of the Skinny weeks and weekend feasts book, I felt they deserved white pasta. I like the book because it promotes moderation – chorizo obviously isn’t ‘healthy’ but adding a little bit gives a lot of flavour and that’s what I always try to keep in mind. It’s not about deprivation.


This was one of those meals where the idea was good but it needs a little bit of tweaking. I adapted a BBC Good Food recipe to be WW friendly – their cashew, chilli and lime crusted cod. Only problem was I cooked the fish too long so it went quite tough, but other than that, I loved the idea of the crust! Served with brown rice and garlic mushrooms on top (made with light Philedelphia).



Now this, on the other hand, was amazing! I had this as a breakfast to mix up my normal routine. These sweet potato hashes with bacon are a Karina Liberation recipe (and if you haven’t discovered her yet, her WW friendly recipes are amazing). Next time I think I’d top it with an egg for extra filling qualities!

The obligatory soup – I made bacon, leek and potato this week seasoned with cajun. Really very delicious!



Used one of my quest bars to make Quest cookies with Devon dream and a tiny bit of decadent salted caramel out of my hamper!


Marinated some chicken with a slightly tweaked WW marinade using honey, tomato purée, squeeze of BBQ, smoked paprika and Worcestershire sauce. It’s so lovely to whack out the BBQ and here’s another reason why…


BBQed bananas with mini marshmallows and a tiny bit of salted caramel sauce, with a scoop of icecream for just 3pp.


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