I’m so pleased because this week I’ve managed to juggle 2 meals out, an evening at a comedy club and drinks and still lose weight. I’m on a bit of a water detox too – I know I drink far too much diet coke so I’ve really cut down this week which is quite an achievement for me. Here are some of the things I’ve eaten…


My Dad made some vegetable soup and as I was going out for lunch at it was zero points on weight watchers, I decided to have some for breakfast! Because society can’t tell me what to eat when 😉


I was actually saving myself for this delicious bad boy – I took my Nana out for lunch to Prezzo and I was actually really impressed with their healthy options – every pizza and pasta could be ordered in light and calories were on the menu. Definitely recommend there if you’re watching your weight!


I actually went out with friends the following evening for a zizzi’s and had a similar type lower calorie pizza and then treated myself to a low option dessert too – 3 scoops of various gelato (6pp)


Carrying on the Italian theme with this wrap pizza. I still cannot believe this came out at only 8pp as it was so delicious!


Banana and peanut butter wrap – I’m not normally one who goes for sweet things for a lunchtime meal, but this was exactly what I fancied and it didn’t disappoint!


Risotto still remains a firm favourite and this was a slightly hotter version than I usually make but equally as satisfying.


Mum made me this delicious poached pear with melted dark chocolate – the chocolate feels so naughty even though it’s only 3 squares at 35 calories each. We poached them in water and vanilla essence so no sugar even necessary!


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