There’s nothing I like more than reading a book, seeing the film and then not being disappointed. Unfortunately, it’s a rarity for me that ever happens, but I normally try to read the book first anyway (at least then I can be pretentiously disappointed when the screen doesn’t live up to the page, eh).

I was eager to read The Fault in Our Stars earlier in the year, and you can read my sort-of review here. I loved it, but my main criticism was that I thought some of the dialogue was a little incongruous and clumsy. But when I saw the trailer, I thought, you know, that might just translate well. And when I went to see it at the cinema, I think it did.

First of all, I’d like to express my major jealous at the very intelligent woman who took an unopened box of Kleenex to the screening. I took one tissue; it wasn’t sufficient; I stared at her a few rows down in absolute jealousy. But back to the film. I was actually really impressed. As far as adaptations go, you really couldn’t fault it (ha, that was a genuine accident) for not being true to the book, as the only difference I noticed was that the section where Hazel composes poetry was left out. I expect that was just because it made it more pacey to have them rush to the hospital rather than be broken up by a literary interlude. But the dialogue really worked: it was almost as if the quality with which John Greed wrote always made it suitable for the big screen.

I have rarely watched a film and then read the book. I was captivated by Life of Pi when I went to see it and shortly after I bought the book, but it is still sat on my bookshelf, waiting for its pages to be opened. So when I saw the trailer for Before I Go To Sleep I knew I had to read quickly. I saw the trailer not knowing what the story was about, but when in the final few second the five words appeared, I remembered I had an as yet unloved copy sat on my bookcase. And I suppose, that is one good thing to come out of film adaptations for me – they sort of make my decision of what to read next for me. I’m over 100 pages in already, and thoroughly enjoying getting my teeth in.

Have you read The Fault in Our Stars or Before I Go To Sleep?



2 thoughts on “Beating the Film with the Book – The Fault in Our Stars

  1. I’ve read Before I go to sleep. Pretty enjoyable bit of light entertainment! Now I want to read the Fault in our Stars before I see the film – I’m like you – it has to be film first!

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