Apologies for missing two weeks in my normally weekly blog post series, but honestly, I didn’t cook anything that was massively mind-blowing or unusual to photograph so I decided to save you from boring food. But I’m back with a bumper edition!


I fear this may be the most horrendous photo I have taken to date, but honestly I was too keen to dive in I forgot to take a picture until it was too late. This was a weight watcher’s cod and haddock gratin and my god was it delicious. Very fiddly but yum!


Carrying on with the fishy theme, I had a bit of an experiment with a can of tuna and some Thai green curry paste and a teaspoon of mayonnaise (low fat). It wasn’t bad but a little dry – I topped mine on a crumpet with coriander and a jalepeno.


These skinny banana ‘pancakes’ are so easy to make – literally just one egg, one banana, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a teaspoon of cocoa powder – and they make a delicious breakfast. I look forward to these so much after the gym!


There’s not many things I love more than a good BBQ but I think BBQ leftovers may just be one thing! I used some leftover homemade BBQ sauce marinated chicken and teamed with some homemade no oil potato wedges chopped up, fried with one cal spray with bacon, onion, mushrooms and some cajun seasoning. It wasn’t half bad.


This is a really rather beautiful risotto I made – I often replicate the same chicken and chorizo one because I’m a firm believer in the mantra that why fix what isn’t broken, but we had a sausage left over from said BBQ so I used that and chicken instead. We also had some chopped salsa with peppers, tomatoes and onions so in that went, and teamed with vine tomatoes on top, it was pretty damn tasty!


This banana and strawberry split was delish: I melted literally just one square of dark chocolate in the microwave with a smidge of salted caramel sauce and it turned into this delicious feast.


This smoothie really did have everything in – I used a massive scoop of fruit salad left over from a previous evening (you’d think I hated waste) and added 80ml of almond milk and some ice. Fruits including homegrown blackberries, strawberries and raspberries, as well as grapes, nectarine and pear. Delicious!


As I’m sure you’ll be aware by now, I am a massive advocate of soup as a weight loss tool – but the homemade, healthy kind. My Dad made this chunky minestrone for a change and it was really lovely.


This delightful feast was everything right with home cooked family food – not necessarily ‘clean eating’ but all within my points and it meant I could enjoy one of my favourite meals, fajitas, without blowing the diet. Served with cheese, homemade tomato salsa, jalepenos and dry baked potato wedges it was quite a feast!


A close up of the salsa


Fish and wedges with some of my summer slaw – recipe here – and a fruity salad.


My mum made a curry and it was delightful and only 4pp (plus rice) as she used spices rather than paste.


Finally, another smoothie for breakfast. I kept it simple with cocoa powder (1 tsp), a banana, a small mango and 200ml of almond juice. Very refreshing but next time I will freeze the banana for maximum cool.


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