A rather short edition this week because unfortunately I came down with food poisoning (after a burger I ate in Liverpool!) so some of my meals have either been missing altogether or very simple so as not to test my stomach too much. Here are a few of the meals that weren’t dry toast.


We had a stray chicken breast in the fridge so I made an Italian chicken on crusty bread lunch – I used reduced fat mozzarella and some cherry tomatoes along with some Italian herbs. Yum



I made some Emily Bites savoury cupcakes – if you haven’t discovered her blog and you’re following weight watcher’s you’re missing out! Do invest in some cup measurers thought as they’re American.


Tacos – similar to the fajitas I made last week I just love the sharing feel to these dishes. I added some sour cream and chive dip I made (reduced fat) and some cheese and it was amazing!


Finally low fat sausages (Nume from Morrisons ones), sweet potato fries and homemade onion gravy made me a stock cube and a tiny bit of flour. Really quite delicious!

There won’t be an edition next week as I’m off to Germany so eating won’t be quite as on plan as I’d hoped!


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