Firstly a the quick apology for being a little absent lately – I’ve been in Germany. Post to follow later in the week. I just thought I’d quickly share a deliver I had last week with you, in the form of a couple of Flow magazines.

Slow is quite difficult to sum up in just a couple of words because it’s such an eclectic magazine but I’ve I’ve known it existed for a while but been reluctant to pay a hefty pricetag. But while the pricetag is hefty for a magazine I really think flow could class itself more as a book published on a regular basis.

It’s full of crafty articles and focuses on a mindfulness, as well as general interest features, ways to get organised and generally a million things up my street. I didn’t choose the two latest copies but two that stuck out to me. Flow is actually from the Netherlands so I ordered the international version – oh what I’d do to write for it!

Here are the ones I chose along with a tiny sneak peek inside.






I haven’t had a proper delve yet, but I’m oh so excited to read them both cover to cover!


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