Last weekend I went to Germany with Dan and a couple of friends, Jake and Hannah. We went to the AVD Oldtimers’ Grand Prix at the Nürburgring as both Dan and Jake are what you might call, ‘a little into their cars’. Now I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed the striking lack of car related posts on my blog, but if you have you’ll probably realise I don’t share their passion. However, I was very much pleasantly surprised and ended up really enjoying the weekend. I always knew I would enjoy the good company and the idea of a road trip, but I was a little unsure if I’d spend our two days at the show moping around, but there was actually quite a lot to look at. The best part was by far the scenery – we stayed near the Eifel Mountains which meant the scenery was beautiful, vast green pine trees which no camera phone picture could do justice (hence I didn’t even try). Here are the odd few pictures I did take.









Because of the laws in Europe we had to carry fluorescent jackets in the car in case of a breakdown and ended up looking like a pack of highlighters.20140814-161913.jpg

This was an incredible model of the track in one of the shops, topped with glass that you could actually walk over – a rather strange feeling indeed!



The area of the track that has claimed the most lives 20140814-161927.jpg


20140814-161938.jpgWatching the cars race at twilight – there was one car that kept going around the tight bend so fast only 3 wheels were touching the floor, so it was actually really exhilarating to watch!

I had a really lovely weekend in some great company – the low point of the holiday though had to be the fact our ferry crossing coincided with the dregs of the Bertha storm – cue a ‘severe’ of which I spent a grand total of 90% of it in the toilet on my knees. Bad times indeed.


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