Yesterday, I went along to the first East Midland’s Chilli Festival, held at Newark Showground. The festival celebrated all things chilli, but to be honest, I think ‘Flavour festival’ would have been just as suited, as a lot of them celebrated sauces, marinades and spices that add flavour to food. At £5.50 a ticket, I think they were a little pricey as you received just one small sample for your ticket price, with the rest of the food being pay to buy (with small samples available as with most food markets) and some live music. However, I did purchase a few items I was very pleased with!20140818-120540.jpg

I’m often left a little disappointed by the choice of chillis at any given supermarket, with ‘mixed chillis’ often the only option. I managed to source 6 massive jalapenos for just £2 (which I promptly spelt wrong on my label, whoops) and decided to set aside preserving them myself. Shop bought ones are around £1.50 for a miniscule jar, so this is a much more economical way of doing it (not to mention infinitely more satisfying!).

I used equal parts pickling vinegar and water, and made sure I wore plastic gloves when preparing the chillis!


These taste just divine! They are rock salt marinades and came in at 3 for £10 with the ingenious grinder included. Also, the man let us try them on cherry tomatoes which I thought was a really great solution. 



Absolutely love the grinder – one hand operation and so delightfully mini! (Not that I’m sold by gimmicks…) All in all the chilli festival was a nice way to kill a few hours, though I’d have liked to have seen a greater variety of products as the same sauces did come up again and again. And where was the chilli chocolate? I’m such a fan and I didn’t see one person selling it!


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