This post is the first in what I intend to be a series of posts about the biggest bargains I’ve ever bought – now most of these have been picked up at car boot sales. For me, there is something quite exciting about getting up early on a Sunday morning, not knowing if you’re going to pick up a real steal, and whenever I go shopping, on the highstreet or otherwise, I’m always more excited about the prospect of getting something for nothing than the idea of buying in great quantities.

My first featured bargain is my Personal Cross Italian Leather Filofax. 20140822-132923.jpg


Before writing this post, I was aware I had a bargain, but wasn’t quite sure of the scale of the bargain! I paid £1 for the filofax, which came with out of date inserts, but a lot of extras such as plastic wallets at the back, notelet pages, a map etc. The one of the Filofax website which seems to be the closest fitting to mine (but is a slightly scaled up version) is retailing at £120 here. I can’t believe it!



It really is a lovely made piece of kit. Unfortunately, as I’ve used it for several years now and when I’m out and out, it’s scarcely far from my bag, there are a few battle scars. I had to remove a lot of pen from a leaking pen that exploded in my bag, and doing that took some of the colour off the dyed leather. It didn’t feel so bad doing that knowing I’d only spent a quid in the first place though!20140822-132930.jpg

What’s the biggest bargain you’ve ever had?


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