At the moment, I’m freelance copywriting, and whilst my three best friends are working 9 – 5, I decided to work my flexible schedule around a nice tea party as a little treat for them finishing work. Oh, and it meant I could do some baking without risking eating all the baked goods myself!20140828-182533.jpg

I made parmesan and rosemary biscuits with this recipe here – the finished product was absolutely delicious but I did have more than a few issues getting it to not stick to the paper!20140828-182545.jpg

I made cake pops with my cake pop maker – it makes 6 at a time and it takes just over 4 minutes. My Nan bought me it about 4 years ago and it’s had more than it’s fair amount of usage actually!20140828-182556.jpgThe spread – I set the table with my Mum’s Great Aunt’s old tea set which is just the most beautiful thing in the world, along with a couple of cake stands, a jug from T K Maxx full of pretty branches from the garden and a sundae bowl from John Lewis full of sugared almonds. You can just see the biscuits on the left!

20140828-182603.jpgThe sweet treats we had were chocolate cake pops, raisin scones, peanut butter and choc chip cookies, mini victoria sponges and lemon and chocolate mini tarts. Mum worked her usual baking magic and gave me an amazing helping hand with some family favourite recipes.


I got this cake pop stand for my birthday too, and it really is a great piece of kit! I always used to struggle with how to display them and ice them, and although unless you use thick icing you’re still going to have a bit of dribblage. Rustic, I say!20140828-182620.jpg

For the sandwiches I put on pesto chicken, ham, rocket and mustard, cream cheese and cucumber, and tuna and sweetcorn. I added mayo to the pesto so it wasn’t too overpowering, and baked the chicken breasts rather than using the often nutritionally questionable sliced sandwich fillers. Not that I’m implying this was a low cal affair, but it’s nice to know you’re getting the good stuff!20140828-182627.jpgI set the place names in the cups – hey, I know I set it, but I couldn’t resist making myself a place name too. And in the background there you can see the raspberry lemonade I made using the cheats way – lemonade, raspberries out the garden, a dash of shloer, ice and fresh lemons!

20140828-182636.jpgAnd here we all are enjoying the spread! Also, for authenticity purposes I feel I must tell you we did also have tea (well, everyone else but me, the tea hater, did), but the tea pot is just out of shot!


4 thoughts on “Tea Party Times

  1. Woah! That is some spread. Can I be your friend please? 🙂 I can imagine really enjoying setting up a tea like this. Now if I could just get rid of my children for 24 hours – ha ha! One day… X

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