August, though perhaps not the fantastic weather we’d hoped for the whole of it, has been a great month. Here are my favourite snaps off my Instagram in the last month!


I went to Germany for a car show with some lovely friends – read more about it here.20140828-184544.jpgThis tattered old seat might not seem much, but it’s actually the product of my very limited sewing skills. One happy boyfriend was created.


This old chap is one of my favourite dogs in the whole world. WHAT A CUTIE.20140828-184603.jpgThis beautiful sunset was outside Farndon Boathouse where we went for a meal for one of my best friend’s 21st.

20140828-184611.jpgAnd this was us in the very same place!


Aside from being an idyllic setting, the food was incredible! I had a hoisin spring roll with glass noodle salad, followed by chicken with sweet potato, crispy pancetta and other yumminess.20140828-184640.jpgAh the confectionery class. I waxed lyrical about this in my post here – go on, go salivate.

20140828-184650.jpgDan and I went to the Cath Kidston factory shop which I have been wanting to visit ever since I found out it existed! I actually thought Dan would hate it, but you know what, he bought more than I did (for presents, I might add, not to turn his bedroom floral…)


The factory shop is a fair way from us, so we teamed it with a day out in Cambridge too. Cue Mars Milkshakes. MMMMM…20140828-184708.jpgAnd this gorgeous sweet shop. Cambridge you just keep on delivering. Can you tell this was a day off the diet?

20140828-184718.jpgAnd punting!

20140828-184727.jpgFinally, the little tea party I hosted for my favourites!

August has been a great month for me – what have you been up to?


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