I had the delight of spending yet another evening with Julie at Cakes and Craft, this time at a French Macaron demonstration. They’re notoriously difficult, so before fluffing up 10 batches I decided to go and see how the experts do it, because up until now, I was only an expert in eating them 😉


It’s always such a cute set up!20140903-164004.jpg

Once again the class was adorably set up with cream teas on the table (keep the tea; I’ll have the scone tehe).


The finished examples (think, ‘here’s one I made earlier’)20140904-084753.jpgThe piping of the macarons was a delicate process – you need to press your tip to the paper ever single time or you get a mess!

20140904-084759.jpgMy rather crude recipe in the background, with the perfectly round macaron stealing the stage.

It was a lovely evening spent with my Mum and Nana again, and I picked up some really great tips. I feel being shown something like macarons is much better than just Googling the recipe (which in a day and age where we’re always in a hurry, can be incredibly tempting). And we’ve booked a workshop for all things body, including body massage blocks and bombs – watch this space!


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