Part 2 in my biggest bargain series is a book clock I got from a car boot. Anyone who is a little skeptical about going to a car boot on a Sunday (or whenever your local one is on), I urge you to give it a go, because I guarantee once you grab yourself a bargain, you’ll be addicted. 20140901-120038.jpg

This clock is something I’d had my eye on for ages in Urban Outfitters, but as anyone who has ever browsed there will know, they can be a bit pricey to say the least. However, when I saw this brand new in its box for a fiver, I couldn’t resist. In fact, it was one of those moments where you don’t even haggle because you’re so pleased!20140901-120044.jpg

I love that it sits alongside my other books and isn’t immediately recognisable as a clock – I gaze at my bookshelf longingly and can see the time at once. What more could I want?20140901-120049.jpgStay tuned for part three – if you missed part one, have a look here!


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