Dan and I are excitedly preparing bits and bobs for our house, which at the moment lives only in our imagination but will hopefully be a reality in the not-too-distant-future. We bought a number of crates for £5 from a local second hand furniture store,and they are just charming. They vary from 1960 – 1970 and are, I’m told,potato crates used for sprouting. We decided we wanted both a spice rack and a jar rack to mount on our idea of a rustic kitchen. Here’s what we did. 20140911-160639.jpg

Here’s a full shot of the crate – I love that it’s so authentic, broken bits and all!20140911-160651.jpg

Measuring the depth20140911-160704.jpg

The side shot 20140911-160730.jpg

Sawing along the line…20140911-160742.jpg

Then finding a better way with the jigsaw!20140911-160754.jpg


Repairing some of the bits that needed some love20140911-160828.jpg

Sawing a panel from some spare wood (incidentally also crates, but not of the vintage variety!) to make the elevated bottom for the spice racks, so the labels can be clearly seen.20140911-160840.jpg


20140911-160906.jpgAttaching the elevated bottom


Look at me go! Sanding to get a nice finish (here’s the bit where I stop just taking photos and providing copious amounts of tea)20140911-160939.jpg

Gluing the bottom slats onto the new back piece20140911-160948.jpg

Et voila! A rustic piece in all but finish.20140911-161008.jpg

For the finish, we’d originally envisaged wax, but the cheapest tins were absolutely massive and we were looking at £30+. Unable to scrounge off any lovely family or friends, we settled on oil instead, and it actually gave a really beautiful finish – bottle pictured below. 20140911-161021.jpg



Here’s the two specimens in all their glory!20140911-161100.jpg


20140911-161127.jpgAAnd here, fulfilling their job description! We wanted a couple of pieces that would be talking points in our new home-to-be and I’m really pleased with the finished product. I love the idea of mixing old with new, and not allowing people to know just what you spent, by mixing the expensive with the upcycled! Have you tried your hand at upcycling?


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