Now, I love food and I love cooking, but making things pretty isn’t so much my strong point. BUT, stay with me, and ignore the fact that Greg Wallace might pick you up on your presentation were you on Masterchef, and accept that fact that you’re just cooking a healthy version of a Chinese takeaway at home. And no one cares when you get them out the tubs normally, do they?!20140911-163026.jpg

Ingredients (serves 4)

For marinade/dipping sauce

60g peanut butter (full fat variety)

4 tablespoons soy sauce

Juice out of one tin of pineapple

Dash of mirim (optional)

Squeeze of half a lime

2 teaspoons acaia (or other runny) honey

Dash of chinese five spice

4 chicken breasts

For egg fried rice

4 teaspoons of olive oil

4 eggs

Handful of peas

1/2 red pepper

4 spring onions, finely sliced

3 tablespoons soy sauce

240g basmati rice

4 skewers


1.Soak skewers in water to ensure they don’t burn in the oven

2. Mix all the marinade ingredients together in one bowl and combine – some peanut butters are thicker than others, and generally supermarket brands rather than health food jars will need a bit of encouraging to combine, in the form of a 30 second blast in the microwave. Stir vigorously – it will look like it won’t combine, but persevere!

3. Set aside a small pot of dipping sauce, and use the rest to dip the breast portions in, before skewering and laying on a baking tray. Boil rice on the stove according to packet instructions

4. Pop in a preheated 180 degree Celsius oven. Allow to  cook for 25 minutes, or until fully cooked through, basting half way through with sauce which has drained off during cooking.

5. Meanwhile, when the rice is tender, take off the boil and drain. Beat 4 eggs with 3 tsp of olive oil and set aside. Add 1/2 chopped red pepper and the spring onions to 1 tsp of olive oil in a hot pan and fry for 2 minutes. Add the cooked rice and soy sauce, allowing to gain colour. Stir through peas until they are no longer frozen. Push all ingredients to one side, adding the egg mixture, chopping into pieces with a spatula as it cooks to create smaller pieces.

6. Use your spatula to mix all ingredients in the pan or wok, serve immediately with piping skewers!

Optional – serve with tinned pineapple from earlier, sprinkle sesame seeds over, or serve with pickled ginger and raw spring onion. Delicious!




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