With my new full time job in full swing, it’s more difficult for me to spend hours in the kitchen. But as a massive hobby of mine, I’m determined that I’m going to make time for it. Here are a few things  I’ve done this week…20141012-195123.jpg

Dan and I made chocolate truffles. You may remember he bought me a massive hamper of yummy (and naughty) things for my birthday, and this kit to make truffles was in there. White and dark chocolate, these were delicious, and they certainly didn’t hang around long!20141012-195135.jpg

Look at that filthy plate – Greg Wallace would be fuming!20141012-195144.jpg

Dan enjoying by far the best bit – eating the extra melted chocolate!20141012-195208.jpg

I can’t believe quite how good the Hairy Biker’s diet books really are – in fact, I received the newest one on Friday and I can’t wait to get stuck in! My Mum made this chicken, bacon and mushroom pie last week, and boy was it delicious. For those following Weight Watcher’s, like me, this was 9pp for the pie itself, and to be honest, it tasted much naughtier!20141012-195221.jpgDan and I went to a 50th birthday party on Saturday, and decided we wanted to take a quiche we’d made. Perfect excuse for a bit of Saturday morning baking, we made a quiche Lorraine with added mushrooms (is there a name for that? hm). The end result looks a little more well done than we’d have hoped, but it tasted amazing and there was no hint of burnt!

20141012-195227.jpgWhat have you cooked recently?


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