On Saturday I headed over to The Glass Room in Leasingham near Sleaford. Aside from being insanely jealous of Liz’s, the teacher’s kitchen which I poked my head round in her home studio, it was a most enjoyable morning.

My Mum’s best friend bought us all a beginners workshop which lasted 2 1/2 hours for my Mum’s 60th birthday.
The glass needs to be fired for 12 hours so the pics just show the pre-fired results. Interestingly, some of the fine powdered glass (or fret) looks white but goes blood red in the kiln, which makes it a very strange experience working with it!

Basically, we took a piece of glass, the same used in windows, cut it to size so that we had 2 nearly identical sized pieces (because come on, human error), and then the fun part starts. We decorated with various different types of glass, some powdered, some which will spread, some which goes bubbly. I made a couple of Christmas decorations, a couple I’m going to give away for Christmas presents (not pictured for that reason), an abstract piece to go in our new living room, and a couple of other experiments.




The above shows just how different the colour can be when fired!





Loved these little rods – very tactile!

And here are a sneak peek of my two Christmas decorations!




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