I know it’s been a while since Christmas, but I’m quite keen to share a few of my Christmas prezzies. I always crave a good book, and my nearest and dearest never fail to deliver.


Having moved into a new house, and in fact my first home with my boyfriend,  I don’t suppose it came as much of a surprise that we received a few cook books. Good job I love cooking then, and I’m really looking forward to trying recipes from them all. We’ve made a commitment to cook one new dish from a book every week to hopefully mix things up and keep dinner times interesting! As you can see, I’ve already had my post-it way with the Hairy Bikers books – although I must admit, I have used my Mum’s copies before!20150122-183913.jpg

I got a couple of novels I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into, both off my Amazon wishlist. My family know that they’ll always be something on there I’m eager to read, so I always receive a couple of books off my list. I read Graham Swift’s ‘Waterland’ at uni and loved it – probably unsurprising seeing as I ended up writing my dissertation on metafiction – so I’m   looking forward to reading another of his. I don’t know a lot about ‘We are all completely beside ourselves’ apart from the synopsis looked good, the cover looks great and what a bloody fantastic title that is. And as for ‘Sharp Objects’, I’ve already devoured ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Dark Places’, so it would have been rude if my Amazon voucher spend didn’t include this beauty.20150122-183925.jpgFinally, some creative books. My books usually fall into the three above categories: cooking, novels and  creative, which I don’t think anyone who has read more than a couple of my blog articles will find surprising at all. Although, I guess you could say Breaking Bad is a bit of an anomaly (but come on, it’s about philosophy, can I just pretend to be intellectual?) Anywho, there’s a couple of magazines in there, but they’re those delightful ones that really are just a book printed on scraggly paper, am I right? Flow is a discovery I made a few months ago, and I would read all the time were it not quite so pricey. But my lovely parents added another to my collection.


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