At the weekend, I spend a lovely morning in Nottingham with my Mum at Nottingham Trent’s Make/Believe exhibition, which was a theatre design exhibition of actually quite colossal proportions. It was free entry, and often that means a smaller show. But I was quite taken aback just how much there was to look around.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a full exhibition on theatre design. But my first post is going to look at the just a snippet of the incredible miniature set designs. You can hardly believe that most of these aren’t bigger than a shoebox!  And for the most part, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking

IMG_4933 IMG_4934

These deckchairs were just the cutest thing in the whole entire world! IMG_4938 IMG_4940 IMG_4943 IMG_4948 IMG_4952

These Chinese lanterns were made from little beads!

IMG_4953 IMG_4980

I was genuinely amazed by this bloody scene. Take a look at the closeup IMG_4981

Thread was used for what I presume was supposed to be innards! But seriously, how can a miniature scene evoke so much.


I can’t get over how much I think this image could convincingly pass for a full sized scene. IMG_4988 IMG_4989 IMG_4990 IMG_4991

For more information, take a look at NTU’s website here. The exhibition runs until 31st Jan, so I suggest you take a look! For opening times and more info, have a look at the link – it will be touring, and end at the V & A museum in London if you miss it.


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