Let’s face it, meals out are expensive. In the past month I seem to have been out for so many meals I’ve lost count, so this weekend (and yes, that’s VALENTINE’S WEEKEND) we decided to keep it quite low key. I didn’t even bustle to the front of the hoards of people craning their necks over fine in deals at the supermarket. For our Valentine’s Meal we’re having home cooked steak, peppercorn sauce, wedges and veg. But Friday night, I decided to have my first go at cooking tapas at home.

I’m a firm believer that providing you’re willing to drizzle a bit of oil or go full fat, you can easily create something as delicious at home as you could when you’re eating out.


I nearly always cook with spray oil( and you can still see it at the bottom of the tray) so using the poury stuff is such a treat. I used a Good Food recipe for these stuffed peppers, and drizzled white wine vinegar and garlic infused oil over the top. They were delicious.


I also made Spanish tortilla with chorizo. Delicious! Took a lot longer than it said but it was so easy and so yum.


Of course, snuck a bit of Manchego cheese in there… And here’s the finished product – tapas for two! Without leaving the house.


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