You know when things just get pushed to the bottom of the pile? Well, that. We made this project over a month ago now but I’m only just getting round to posting about it.

The space above mine and Dan’s bed was looking dull and boring. We considered a number of options – we both like the gallery wall hanging style but didn’t relish the idea of filling even more holes when we eventually do leave our rented house. We were tickled by the melted crayon pictures we saw on Pinterest but couldn’t find the right colours. I came across a picture of a floating shelf above a bed and fell in love. Tastefully designed with clever ornaments and stylish pictures, we decided we wanted exactly that for our room.

Generally, we’re not a fan of the varnished off-the-peg wood look, preferring shabby chic or unvarnished. So a floating shelf from Argos or IKEA just wouldn’t do (as functional and pleasing as they are in our office). Instead, we decided to make it ourselves. Now this definitely cost more than if we were going to buy a varnished faux wood/MDF one from a cheaper retailer, but in terms of a solid wood option, we would never have forked out for an equivalent. So here goes –


Firstly, we cut down three lengths of wood to get the depth we wanted from our shelf.


We drilled holes for dowels


Added wood glue, pushed the dowels through, clamped and left to dry for a couple of days.


We then set about sanding – not quite sure why this pic looks varnished – we’ve left it unfinished deliberately. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate our makeshift wood bench (necessity is the mother of invention after all).


Next, we drilled more holes for the floating mechanism and chiselled away so these would sit flat against the wall. Incidentally, we didn’t buy these. Dan welded them out of some scrap metal he had hanging around. Very handy and very beyond my capabilities.


Finally, the fun bit in my opinion. My parents gave us some leftover frames from the project we did with them for their gallery wall hanging. So we bought a purple paint tester and set about revamping.


And after a bit of prettifying, voila! Our very own pastiche of loveliness. Including a picture of us and a 3 panelled New York picture I already had, we filled the remaining two frames. One with a sample of wallpaper and one with a piece of wrapping paper I bought simply because I loved. Sprinkle a few accessories and we’re done!



And now you can see the positioning of the finished product (I.e. Directly over our heads) you can see why we had to make it so strong!


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