Back in January, me and Dan didn’t make any massive life changing resolutions, because frankly, stuff was going just fine. But we did make a small commitment to mix up our meals by cooking one new recipe every week for 52 weeks. We got a lot of recipe books for our new home for Christmas – the sign of being an adult I’m sure you’ll agree – so wanted to combine those and maybe some other sources into our inspiration. I think it’s oh-so-easy to fall into too much of a routine with eating, particularly when you’re on a diet. Yes, we all have our faves, but your new favourite is something you haven’t tried yet.

Here’s what we ate, along with a few highlight pictures.

We started on 11th Jan, and excuse us if a few are oddly spaced.

11th Jan beef teriyaki from the Ways with Noodles Wagamama’s book


19th Jan – beef maple soy stir fry from the Healthy Food Guide


27th Jan – Cajun chicken from the Hairy Dieters


(Best part was that this spice mix lasted us for ages on homemade wedges, yum)

4th Feb – sweet potato and chicken curry from the Skinny Slow Cooker book

11th Feb – Balsamic Pork Tenderloin Medallions from online

13th FebSpanish tortilla and stuffed peppers from BBC Good Food online


20th FebStuffed Aubergine – from the depths of our mind

27th Feb – whale and the most beautiful wafer thin rare lamb in Iceland (forgive me for not cooking that week 😉 )


8th March – Baked oats AND banana and blueberry muffins from online. Get us



12th March Bean burgers – from BBC Good Food

18th March – braising steak chilli – made up recipe

27th March – Lamb koftas from online

28th March – chicken quesadillas from online (now look at that for a delicious tasting dog’s dinner!)


So, as you might expect there’s been some highs and lows. Last night’s chicken quesadillas were amazing but caught slightly but will definitely be a weekend treat. Cajun chicken and the beef stir fries were faves, and the baked oats have become a weekend breakfast already. However, the less said about the stuffed aubergines the better. The slow cooked curry was fairly bland, while immediately after cooking Dan balsamic pork I discovered he doesn’t actually like balsamic vinegar. Every day’s a school day.

So… Would I recommend this experience? Definitely. Sometimes we can get fixated on one ingredient doing one thing – maybe chicken = a curry or a stir fry for us, so it’s great to try something new. And I’ll be back in 3 months for another update. Now time for breakfast…


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