Now, a few months back my Mum, my Mum’s best friend and I went to a glass fusion class. I was pleased with the results, and next time there was a suitable occasion, we decided to go back and do something slightly different. This time, we did enamel printing.

We prepared Lino prints for the class. My mum did two – one of birch trees and one of the houses in Amsterdam, while I copied a moody image I found on the internet.

Then we were taught how to translate this onto glass. After cutting our pieces to size, we mixed black and white enamel and rolled white as a base all over our tile.



We then dried the white layer totally with a hair dryer, then layered up our image and printed it in black. Here are some of our results:





It was a great morning, but my large piece – which will be fired twice to get a curved shape – isn’t quite what I wanted as my design wasn’t easily repeatable like the others. But fret not, Liz is going to saw it off at the ends! I also tried experimenting with black as the background and white as the design, but settled on the original instead.


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