One of my local colleges, Grantham College ran a Saturday open day yesterday. Now I’m not about to dive into full time education again, but some of these three hour courses looked super interesting. My mum and I picked print making.

Now the session focused on Lino printing, which as regular readers will know I’ve done a few times. We also saw examples of a range of different methods I’d never even heard of including collagraph and dry point.

I adapted a design I found on the internet, as we didn’t really have enough time to be coming up with things from scratch. We were able to use a printing press to get our effects on various materials, and also embossed our designs to begin with which was a new idea to me.

We tried lots of different materials – I tried brown paper, cardboard, newspaper and fabric amongst other things! Also, I need me one of these drying racks!


The design on fabric


My embossed version


My mum’s design – it turned out amazing! I love the top one especially.

All in all, it was a fab morning. And amazing that this taster session was free!


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