Apologies for my slight absence in the past two weeks – sometimes life does just get in the way. I went to Art15 at the weekend too, and I shall be bringing you blog posts on the subject very soon! But first…

Paper cutting is something that I absolutely love, and there are so many incredibly talented artists out there. I’ve put together just three of my favourite as some eye candy for the soul. Figure that one out.

Rob Ryan

An obvious choice, but no one misses Einstein off the genius list, do they? I like that he doesn’t shy away from colour too, as I find I’m usually drawn to monochrome.


Paper Panda

Aside from being the perfect example of social media done right (she’s got quite a following), I love Paper Panda’s approach to art. She sells tutorials too, and gets rid of that ‘artist as divine entity’ thing that is just intolerable. And from tiny little cuts which are incredibly intricate, to larger pieces, I’m always sold on her cute characters and text!

papercut papercutting papercutter paper panda louisefirchau paperpanda panda ukartist art paperart paperartist pencil sketch illustration together forever


Hina Aoyama

What blows my mind about this Japanese artist is that she doesn’t actually use a scalpel – she uses scissors. I don’t think I need to write much more than that, because the pictures really do speak for themselves.


Who are your favourite paper cutting artists?


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