I can hardly believe it myself, but we are halfway through the year! Which means Dan and I have been doing our 1 new recipe a week pledge for 6 months now. If you didn’t read the original 3 month post, have a gander here. Also, a quick apology for my absence again!

Now you’ll notice we’re not quite caught up – we pledged the equivalent of a recipe a week and if my calculations are correct I think we need to add three more recipes on odd weeks. So we’ve fallen a little behind… But all is not lost! We will just cook 2 new ones some weeks. I’m pleased as well on a few occasions I’ve got experimental in the kitchen myself, and just had a play with ingredients.

3rd April sweet potato breakfast hash – find my recipe here


7th April oat turkey breast with piri piri sauce from The Body Coach (lean in 15) Instagram

18th April duck breast and sticky noodles – find my recipe here


23rd April chicken thigh teriyaki from Itsu cookbook


30th April turkey pesto meatballs from online

10th May JFC (Jamie Fried Chicken) from Jamie Oliver’s Save with Jamie


27th May Mojo slow cooked pork from The Slowcooker Book

29th May Veal and homemade wedges

1st June Banana and Nutella pancakes – another experiment


3rd June chicken and chorizo sweet potato pie from Tesco online


24th June chilli chicken ramen from online


Again, some high and low points, but actually nothing I wouldn’t still class as ‘nice’ food. JFC was amazing but you definitely worked for it – it took ages and didn’t justify it! I cannot stop raving about the chilli chicken ramen – honestly, just like Wagamama’s, and I am SUCH a fan of that place.

We tried veal for the first time as we happened to go into Waitrose for an obscure ingredient and found two lots reduced to 49p each. Yes please! It was very nice, but I think I still prefer rump.

The mojo pork was probably the weakest pick, but even that was still very much edible!

So I leave you 6 months on, with the promise that we’ll do some catching up. But I hope you can see the delicious food you can have with a teensy little more effort!


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