When I moved out last November, university life was still firmly engrained on my mind. Not that it’s not now, but it seems so much more of a distant memory, and moving out into a ‘real’ house with just me and my boyfriend to maintain it has made me realise just how many little things there are that I now couldn’t live without. I sort of think it’s like when you stroll into Lakeland or IKEA – you really had no idea how unfulfilled your life was until you had that high tech apple corer. So here are just 3 of mine – delivered with my tongue firmly placed in my cheek.

1.  Soft close toilet seat

soft close

Who knew this would change my life quite so much? I didn’t. But closing the toilet lid isn’t a chore anymore. Except when you forget and slam the seat at someone else’s house. Whoops.

2. Heated towel rail

towel rail

Seriously, wet towels or towels laid on your bedroom radiator are massively overrated. Never. Go. Back.

3. My all-singing-all-dancing OXO self-pulling corkscrew


Aren’t those corkscrews with the arms horrendously common darling? This one really is much better. (Until last weekend, where I bought a corked bottle of wine to drink in a hotel room, and had to purchase a £2 version from Tesco. Yes)

P.s. big shout out to my Nan who bought us the sexy beast of a device pictured above…


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