Ever since we moved into our house last November, we’ve been meaning to give our TV stand a new lease of life. And like lots of things, it kept getting thrown to the bottom of the pile.

Last weekend though we went for it. The TV stand cost us £35 off eBay and had a half-arsed attempted at upcycling on top, with the less-than-attractive 90s varnished pine remaining on the bottom.

Now to match our sideboard project, we wanted the top to be waxed wood with the bottom painted. That’s a lot more work. It’s tempting to sometimes take the easy way, but we decided to get the finish we wanted we simply had to suck it up.


Sanding off the top took ages. We used an orbital sander, and in order to really get in the crevices you have to use the side which is naughty and stops the top from being even. So we ploughed on flat.


Sunny day = mainly a shadow selfie. Halfway through prepping things were looking good.

There were a few mishaps – just to the left of Dan’s hand is a pond of paint where I got over zealous when pouring. We also had Noah’s Ark decide to want to stick to the side of the wet paint (read spiders and other unwanted guests).


But it was SO worth the effort. Now it sits pride of place and doesn’t jar with the rest of the room.

I also realised just how expensive brand new TV stands are. Like you’re looking at £100 and that’s just for MDF. That made putting in a few hours 100% worth it because we can’t find anything similar in real wood for below £150. Score.


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